Sylvie T. Artiste Peintre - Atelier Galerie à Nice - Côte d'Azur, French Riviera

encres de chine, aquarelles, pastels

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Painter Sylvie T. was born in Nice in 1967. After studying architecture, she moved to Old Nice in 1993 where she now paints with ink and watercolor the architectural details of Nice and its environs. She sketches at the port of Nice details of boats and pointus which are the traditional boats of fishermen in Nice. As an artist, she is known for her commitment to the city of Nice which she has sublimated with her brush. Currently, she is exhibiting another passion of hers, travel and discovery, which nourishes the spirit and the imagination. Across India, Egypt, Russia, Venice, Istanbul, Asia, from Bali to Beijing, from Kyoto to Jaipur, and the Angkor Vat site, Nice remains her home harbor.
Sylvie T. has developed a special relationship with Japan which she displayed at her first exhibition in Sapporo in 2002 and the Arbres Totem exhibit in Monaco entitled "Japon à Monaco". She exhibited again in Tokyo in 2007.

My passion for my city, Nice, leads me day after day through narrow streets and alleys, through porches and inner courts, where flavors, the colored pigments of facades and light gather, and where shadows invite themselves. Drawing for dra’ing's skae is a kind of a journey for the sight. With the rhythm of my footsteps, the heart of historic old Nice unfolds in its ochre tinges but you can also sind it in the whiteness of palaces, on the Promenade des Anglais and the villas of the Belle époque de Cimiez... which inspires my narrow or square formats... Another approach is the Mediterranean vegetation coun can see on the castle hill overlooking the city, embracing the sea My landscape drawings are born in the light... as another Nice.

the workshop gallery

My passion for drawing is a part of me.
The work on pattern in the narrow streets of Old Nice has imposed himself after I studied architecture and after my passion for volume, space, colors, graphics, comic strips, frames, facades, and baroque style developed.

Lines drawn in ink are for me a structure and above all a movement, "a clear line" as in the graphics where we have to protect the light and the shadows... Nice then becomes a theater decor, a pretext for the color.

The color is there only to lead, to guide the eye to a point, an intention, to light and detail.


The workshop gallery of the painter offers original creations talking about Architecture, about heritage and especially about poetry. This is a different way to communicate through personalized gifts. The senses are awakened – touch is alerted by the choice of paper, sight is stimulated by ocher and the azure of the Riviera, graphics are represented by the ink lines and the transparency of the watercolor...

Discover all of the creations and order them online on

For your congresses, seminars, assemblies, retirement gifts, weddings, birth announcement cards, original gifts showing you the destination of Nice and its tranquility of life.
Rates on a sliding scale according to the amount. Estimate on demand.

Logistics and professionalism recognized by important Public and Private Institutions since the creation of the studio in 1993.

Products are printed in Nice on Rives Sensation paper, 270 gr.


References since 1993: 


“In line with the painters of the 19th century who testified with their paintbrush, Sylvie T is creating a close view from a distance. Her drawings contain a light style, dense colour, a singular brightness, life is captured and the moment is perfected. They invite us to a further interpretation of the world, where Nice is discovered...”


“It is with the pencil that Sylvie T expresses her love of Nice. The Indian ink allows her to broadly illustrate a myriad of specific details, the colours are there to attract our attention.”

Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Lou Sourgentin

“Those who are not yet familiar with the work of Sylvie T must contemplate her drawings, watercolours and coloured Indian inks she devotes to Nice and in particular to the Old City. Her clear and accurate vision of the streets, facades, monuments, lets us discover the charm or the beauty that we would have forgot. For capturing architectural detail, the pencil is in class of it's own.
And the colours! They animates these juxtaposed fragments (she calls patchworks) that tastefully combine tall houses, baroque towers and palm trees.
Thankfully, the red ochre is present. It is a visual treat. Those who already know the painter will be glad to discover a new presentation of her work on brush aluminium panels : some of them are 170 centimetres high, and stood on the ground. They give the tourist the impression that he is walking in the Old Town... Actually, isn't it the old town that looks like Sylvie T's drawings?”



Workshop Gallery Sylvie T.

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